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Simple Soul

A little about me:


I’ve always loved creating; I would get lost for hours fiddling with beads, coming up with quirky little gifts for friends and family or creating an unholy mess with oil paints and mixed media while bringing dragons to life.


Although I may be older, not too much has changed; I still cause chaos while I lose myself in making quirky gifts, cards, jewellery and immortalising furry friends, their eyes full of love and adoration.


Growing up running wild on the beach I was awed by the power and expressiveness of nature, there is a purity in the imperfections that make it so unique and beautiful.

I have always been drawn to symbolism, myth and magic; exploring shapes from ancient rituals and art to lend a little magic to everyday life. Now if only I could get my broom to fly… ;)

Jewellery, Simple Soul
A few of my favourite things, simple soul


Individually handcrafted silver jewellery

There is a purity in the flows, twists, turns and imperfections that make nature so unique and beautiful. This is echoed in my jewellery adding an honesty and integrity to the finished piece.

Jewellery Care


Precious metals are natural elements & will tarnish over time with exposure to air creating a natural patina; which can be worn as a celebration of the beautiful organic process of life. To keep your jewellery sparkling it is important to avoid exposure to:

extreme temperatures, water, chemicals, perfumes & lotions.



Oxidised finishes will polish off with time and wear allowing the bare silver to shine through, as oxidising is a surface treatment. This is a natural process and cannot be prevented. DO NOT USE JEWELLERY CLEANER it will remove the oxidisation.


Matt finished pieces will become shiny through wear. This finish can be restored at home by gently rubbing the jewellery with a paste of baking soda and water. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a soft cloth, be careful not to damage precious stones.

Pet Portraits

A pet portrait is an amazing way to honour a trusted friend, whether as a treat for yourself or a thoughtful gift for a friend. I predominately work in chalk pastel and many meticulous hours are spent on each portrait to make sure I capture the essence and adoration of each pet.

Custom pet portraits, simple soul

How to order Pet Portraits:

The First step will be to provide the photograph/photographs of your pet by sending the files in jpeg format to simplesoulstudio@outlook.com

Along  with your images I will also need to know what size you would like the portrait to be and whether you would like the background in your photograph to be used in the portrait or if you would like a blurred background.


Once these details have been submitted, I will take a 50% deposit to secure your portrait and the drawing process will start.


When I have completed your pet portrait (2-4 weeks depending on waiting list), I will email you with a proof for you to approve. After the portrait has been approved, I will take the final payment and arrange for it to be delivered using a secure signed for delivery service.

Prices and Sizing


When choosing the portrait size, it is worth remembering that once your portrait is mounted and framed it will be an extra 2" to 4" larger than the initial artwork. Prices listed are for artwork only.


5” x 7” £150

Great for a head shot and the most popular. This is also the perfect size to fit on a mantel piece, work desk or on a wall with other pieces of art.


10” x 12” £250

An ideal size for a single portrait whether a head shot or full body, no more than 2 pets in one portrait this size.


12” x 16” £350

Will make for a very striking portrait, also suitable for portraits of multiple pets (no more than 3).


*If the size of portrait you would like isn’t listed, then please let me know and I will be able to arrange that for you.

Framing     -Coming soon-

I am working on finding a local business for frames.

Gifts, Simple Soul


Fun and unique gifts coming soon.


Everyday is another chance to find a little magic.

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